After a brief respite in 2019 in Ethiopia, the long-lasting conflict again escalated due to the bloodshed violation this year. To relieve the stress from the tragic afterimage, The ‘2023 Earth Run: Peace Heritage’ event, organized by the Shincheonji Volunteer Group We Are One, took place on 29th October in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This event brought together about 200 participants from three organizations, including HWPL, the event’s sponsor, Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization, and Model Africa Union-Ethiopia, all united in a relay for peace and harmony.

The event brought peace and cooperation alive, with participants competing and sporting together in five different sports games. The program included a peace marathon, peace support performances, and peace handprint creation.

The event’s highlights were performances encouraging a unified spirit for peace amid competition. Participants prepared flag-waving performances in awe-inspiring alignment. Imprinting the Ethiopian flag with children’s hands symbolized Ethiopia’s future and conveyed a message of peace.

Mr. BezawitTesfaye, an executive director of Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization, expressed, “Not many events took place in Ethiopia where people of all ages, religions, and ethnicity can come together; they found the event to be meaningful and joyful as we comforted wounded heart of the nation warmly through sportsmanship.”

The event enabled participants to share a sense of unity and the importance of peace. The organizers plan to continue hosting the ‘Earth Run: Peace Heritage’ in cooperation with local NGOs to support those who need the care and warmth of society.