by Ayele Addis Ambelu

The sixth German-African Energy Supply Forum, which opened yesterday in Hamburg, Germany, has started discussions on how to meet this challenge. How strong is the African energy market? How can we cooperate with Africa in this field? The sixth German-African Energy Forum opened today in Hamburg, Germany, and started discussions on how to meet this challenge. How strong is the African energy market? How can we cooperate with Africa in this field?

Workers transfer bricks at a construction site, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Africa's largest economy shrunk by 3 percent in the second quarter, according to South African government figures released Tuesday, more evidence of the impact the global recession is having on the continent. (ddp images/AP Photo/Karel Prinsloo).

GaIn general, gasoil, electricity, and the isergy supply issue is a significant current challenge for Africa and Europe. Some commentators say that it should not be forgotten that there is a massive benefit in moving the penis in Africa. But is the economic field in Africa favorable? “Historic Trade Opportunities,” “Africa’s Participation on the World Stage,” and other articles highlighting Africa’s growth can be read in the research of institutional consultant Roland Berger.

“At that time, Africa’s ability to compete in the economic competition had reached the level that India and China were at 20 years ago. “The growing number of middle-income people on the continent has opened up a huge consumer market, creating the only opportunity for those looking to make their money globally.” One of the study’s authors – is Christian Wessels.

Arbeiter auf einer Öl-Plattform in Nigeria (undatiert). Der Ölkrieg im Nigerdelta kommt nicht nur Nigeria teuer zu stehen. Kämpfe zwischen verfeindeten Stämmen und der Armee haben internationale Ölgiganten aus dem Delta vertrieben. Der weltweit sechstgrößte Ölproduzent sorgte für weitere Verunsicherung und Preisanstieg auf Ölmarkt, der durch den Irak-Krieg ohnehin angeschlagenen ist. Die Gewaltwelle bedroht auch die für den 19. April angesetzte Präsidentschaftswahl in Nigeria.

Oil production in Nigeria

“The reality in Africa is very different from what the Western world sometimes thinks about this continent. This is because Africans who have accepted their fate is becoming successful in many professions. It has been realized that wealth is only one part of success. That said, although raw material will play a major role in the future, it is necessary to see its interpretation of the situation in the utility industry, financial field, or infrastructure projects. » According to the study, the power supply sector contributed to the observed growth. This sector, which governments have neglected for decades, is expected to make a significant change in the next five years, according to Mossad Elmisri, head of the energy program at the African Institute for Development Partnership, known as NEPAD. “Africa’s population is increasing. People who want to have a reliable power supply.

The industry is also growing. The demand for African raw Alaba from developed countries has also increased. All this strengthens the pressure to create the field of energy supply. The people of Africa will pressure their governments to pay attention to this topic. “There are many African governments that have taken some steps, for example, there are countries like Uganda and Ethiopia that have opened the Gezouf hydropower project,” says Elmisri. “The author continues, “In fact, in many African countries, the energy supply is not enough. In rural areas, only one in ten has access to electricity. Even in the country’s capitals, there is no permanent supply of electricity, so the development of companies has been hampered due to this. »

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Tekezie water source project

Robert Capel, an African economist at the Hamburg-based International and Environmental Research Institute (GIGA), is cautious about studies like Roland Berger’s. “This is a prediction to attract rich people to keep their money in Africa. But we have to look at the facts. Africa is gradually being excluded from the world market. She has no role in the industry. Africa’s share of industrial production exported globally is only 0.5 percent. This rate has halved over the past 20 years. And you don’t have to pretend everything is fine. It is necessary to mention the problem to know the exact situation. » For Capell, Africa’s most significant economic problem lies in the lack of sufficient stimulus in industry and agriculture. Of course, according to World Bank research, the basis of Africa’s highest economic growth is in raw materials. There is no denying that the African economy is growing. But, the people did not benefit from the development. On the other hand, poverty is increasing in many parts of the continent. Instead, poverty is rampant across much of the continent.