Africa on the Innovation map; Forces of African Innovation

Author: Ayele Addis Ambelu
African innovation is building a platform to include all the African startup ecosystem. The Africa innovation is about the whole component using the force of innovation changing people’s life to better. The young bright mind of Africa can transform the continent with a very great vibe. We have here in Africa in terms of political reform, in terms of economic reform. we had made flattening down a very good
foundation to to create a digital economy. Without a marriage between investors and innovators there is no way an industry would grow. We can do a lot to help each other to really create a new platform that brings value to people and brings value to to young entrepreneurs that that’s needed. If Africa wants to have a sustained and inclusive economic growth and social transformation as well as competitiveness to be part of the global economy.
We need to invest in innovation and technology African innovation week is gonna be an arena all these startups to have the opportunity to show themselves to the world. what I like the most about initiatives like Africa innovation week is bringing Africa on the innovation map.
I think that’s the boost. it surely deserves. it’s going to bring motivational speakers, intellectuals, policymakers, angel investors and
innovators together a gateway a platform that all African innovators come together share ideas experiences hosted by IBA Ethiopia African Union Ministry of innovation and technology and in collaboration with Trezza media.
Do you want to support future leaders of Africa? Or may be you want to help out to make someone’s dream of life- to become an entrepreneur. You can do all this by joining us at African Innovation Week-2019, from 28th Oct to 02nd Nov in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at African Union’s HQ.