by Ayele Addis Ambelu ( “Ethiopian Protestant Church Prophets publicly charges on Fraud, Money Laundering, Rape and Cheating

Self Proclaimed Ethiopian Protestant Church Prophets publicly charges on Fraud, Money Laundering, Rape and Cheating.  There is money laundry and sexual harassment to spraying their followers with doom in their faces. The worshiping rituals of these so-called pastors and prophets have been labeled as ridiculous and dangerous.  Some testimonies disclosed in social media this week to say that something needs to be done about these false prophets. Testimonies claimed that these false prophets are making millions at the expense of the most poor and vulnerable in our society. They also claim that pastors are using their power to abuse and sexually harass woman in the congregation. One of the victim told for our reporter says that “false prophets are making a mockery of real Christian values. We’re asking to the police and Human Rights Commission which is indirectly part of the government.  These fake pastors  that had invaded the church in Ethiopia are criminals. They bought bastardizing you know how church should be they taken advantage of women raping them, sleeping with them, getting them pregnant,  abusing power, taking money from people they have commercialized the church and we need to stop them. So, that’s why we’re here today and also for the victims.  just to go out there and say yes the victims their voices need to be heard because normally in church. We’ve tried to quiet them we push them down which is not the right thing to do.

The chairman of churches unity says that “Constitutional rights like freedom of religion are being abused by these false prophets. It’s time for us to say it stops the end. it goes nothing. Constitution as limitations and were saved,  what is in this memorandum today is where the mutation stats and was always reputedly set. It’s not about the money cheating and the pet role and what am I looking there’s something much more sinister their discipline abuse. There’s an issue on the rights of women yet is happening in churches. The majority of people in those churches are women. It’s not by accident, women have been targeted deliberately do you impoverish us even further to take whatever little dignity we have that is left and to take it away. Because,  you’re a pastor and can tell us you talking to word and God is telling you. I need to sleep with you. All this false prophets must be helped through legislation to walk away and find other jobs… no no this is not the place for them.”