by Ayele Addis Ambelu

For the first time, the German government launched a new program called the Africa Concept, which included the entire African continent. Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle officially presented the document prepared after much debate yesterday. Many of the country’s ministries were involved in drafting the concept. Non-governmental organizations and experts have contributed by sharing advice on preparing the new Africa program.

The preparation of the new German vision for Africa, which was said to be released during the formation of the government, took more than a year and is a document jointly drafted by the country’s foreign affairs, education and natural environment, and economic cooperation ministries. In the twenty-eight-page paper that Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle officially presented yesterday, a new political program covering Africa was designed. Merkel Afrika-Konzept “We want to open a new chapter in our relations with our neighboring continent. We want the growing definition of Africa and Africa taking more responsibility for its affairs to bear fruit. » Westerwelle, who stated that the revolution in North Africa has an impact on the entire continent, confirmed that the people living in Africa want to satisfy their thirst for freedom, the rule of law, democracy, and human rights, just like in the rest of the world.

Therefore, says Westerwelle, Germany is ready to encourage the journey of African governments to create a peaceful and free future.”We invite Africa for friendship; For friendship based on equality. Beyond the age-old relationship of help and acceptance. We aim to encourage Africans to take action and take responsibility. We want equality based on self-confidence among peers. Our core principle is Friendship based on equality because we want to build the future of our continents with you in a friendship based on equality. » Other countries like China and India also strengthened their relations with Africa. Germany wants to create a sustainable partnership that will benefit Africans as well.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle explained that Germany is interested in establishing a single source of energy and a military alliance that will help the German economy and the people of Africa. “We aim to make use of the possible cooperation between us in a way based on friendship. This is not only for the prosperity of the people in Africa but also for our prosperity and benefit. » It is at this point that the German opposition parties are criticizing the new African concept of the government. In the Federal Council, the Bundestag, the left party faction like myself, Nyima Mofassat, explained that the German government, seeing the African continent as a raw material warehouse, is harming the development cooperation started under the principle of the middle market.

The leader of the Green Party, Claudia Roth, expressed her disappointment because the German concept of Africa was designed to protect only the interests of Germany in the future. The non-governmental organization known as Common for Africa has also criticized the new concept of Africa.