IWPG Global Region 2 Welcoming Event for IWPG New  overseas Members – Presenting the role and vision of peace activities

On January 27th, the Global Region 2 of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), led by Regional Director Seo-yeon Lee, held an online “Welcoming event“ with the participation of about 120 new overseas members from 20 countries such as Australia, Yemen, Tanzania, Iraq, and more, including journalists from each country also attended the event.

The Welcoming event proceeded with an introduction to IWPG and the viewing of activity videos, followed by greetings from the Regional Director of Global Region 2. The presentation covered the roles and visions of IWPG members, and participants also viewed congratulatory presentation videos. Additionally, there was an introduction to PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education).

Through this Welcoming event, IWPG members had the opportunity to present their roles and visions in peace activities, fostering continuous exchange and collaboration. The event also served as a motivating time for domestic and international journalists to facilitate voluntary media coverage.

During the sharing of senior members’ experiences, Lilian Msaki, a public health expert from Tanzania, shared how she mobilized many members for women’s peace education, spreading the winds of peace in Tanzania globally in September of the previous year. Dr. Shafiqa Saeed Abdo, Chairwoman of the Women’s National Committee in Yemen, highlighted the foundation laid for peace in Yemen by enlisting over 300 new members.

Lamia Al Eryani, founder of the Yemen Peace School, expressed her commitment to working for global peace after joining IWPG in 2018, stating in a congratulatory video, “Let’s work together to create a world of peace free from war, where everyone can enjoy happiness, and make it a reality.”

Seo-yeon Lee, the Regional Director of Global Region 2, congratulated the new IWPG peace members, emphasizing the innate and proud desire for peace in the 21st century despite the persistent wars in our advanced era. She stated, ‘Peace transcends nations, races, and ideologies; it is the most powerful light that goes beyond our space and time. The gathering of these lights will illuminate the future of the entire world. The countries with the most peaceful people, who embrace humanity, will become the leading nations, with all of you as the protagonists of that peace.‘

Moving forward, the Global Region 2 of IWPG will continue to organize various events, including the Only Peace Conference in February, the 6th International Loving Peace Art Competition national preliminaries, the UN CSW in New York in March, the Commemoration Ceremony for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War on April 26, the International Women’s Peace Leader Conference, and the International Women’s Peace Conference, collaborating with partner countries to achieve peace.

Meanwhile, IWPG holds special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is registered with the Department of Global Communications (DGC) as an international women’s peace organization. The vision of IWPG is to protect precious lives from war and pass down peace to future generations with a mother’s heart. To achieve this, IWPG is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, coordinating vibrant peace activities worldwide through over 110 branches and collaborating with more than 600 partner organizations.