Monitoring the Nile Basin Using Satellite Observations Bulletin is a quarterly bulletin aiming to provide a shared understanding of the spatial distribution of monthly and seasonal patterns of some of the water cycles components, such as rainfall and actual evapotranspiration in the Nile basin sub-basins using global observational dataset.

 This October – December 2022 issue analyzes rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, and runoff in the ten significant sub-basins and analysis of evaporation and water levels in some of the large lakes compared to the long-term average. The surface water dynamics in the Nile Basin were also analyzed.

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The Nile-SEC promotes evidence-based decision-making and will continue disseminating similar quarterly basin monitoring bulletins. Data used in this bulletin is available upon request. This activity is supported by the Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) partnership administered by the World Bank.