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Her Excellency Ambassador Nazha Alawi Mohammadi, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Ethiopia

Her Excellency Ambassador Nezha Alaoui M. Hammid, the Dean of the Arab Council of Ambassadors in Addis Ababa and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Morocco, delivered insightful remarks during the festivities.

Ambassador Nezha emphasized the commitment of Arab Member States to advancing knowledge and awareness of migration, formulating inclusive policies, bolstering Arab participation in global forums, and fostering connections with Arab expatriates. These efforts aim to refine migration governance, tackle associated challenges, amplify the role of expatriates in both their home countries and adopted nations, and underscore the manifold opportunities migration presents to governments, societies, and individuals alike.

The celebration highlighted the significant contributions of the Arab community in Ethiopia to the nation’s development, showcasing their pivotal role in elevating living standards, seeking employment opportunities, investing in diverse sectors, and driving social and economic progress. Ambassador Nezha stressed the imperative of enhancing awareness, policy frameworks, and management practices surrounding migration to harness its potential for sustainable development effectively.

Moreover, Ambassador Nezha underscored Morocco’s regional and international endeavors in combating illegal immigration, dismantling human trafficking networks, and integrating undocumented migrants. Recognizing the pioneering roles played by the Arab community in Addis Ababa across various domains, Her Excellency concluded on a note of appreciation for their contributions to growth and prosperity.

Presiding over the event was Ambassador Walid Hamed Shiltagh, the Arab League Permanent Representative to Ethiopia, AU, and UNECA, who provided insights into the history of the Arab League and reaffirmed its commitment to bolstering cooperation with Africa. Ambassador Neziha Alawi, the Ambassador of Morocco to Ethiopia, commended the deepening relations between the Arab League and Africa, further emphasizing the importance of strengthening these ties.

Additionally, a representative from the International Organization for Migration office in Addis Ababa lauded the evolving relationship between Africa and the Arab League, stressing the mutual benefits of fostering deeper connections between the two regions. The event served as a platform for dialogue, reflection, and collaboration towards advancing cooperation and prosperity between Arab expatriates and their host communities in Ethiopia and beyond.