The Africa Media Development program, Africa Union, ARMA Media Production, and Amhara Region Media and Journalists Association  are pleased to announce its 1st International Conference under a main theme “Ethiopian Media Current Status, History, Challenges and Continuity” to be held on May 7& 8, 2021 at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. The objective of this conference is to create a platform and publication where experts from academia, research institutes, industry and the government come together to discuss on the current status of Ethiopian Media, Challenges  and Prospectus for professional development. Therefore, all interested researchers are invited to submit their completed research abstracts:

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • The Abstract should be in English or Amharic Language and should not exceed 300 words excluding Title, Authors, Affiliations, and Keywords.
  • The abstract must indicate the problem, objectives, research methods, results and conclusions.
  • Include three to five keywords at the end of the abstract separated by comma.
  • All abbreviations and acronyms in the abstract (if any) must be spelled out upon first time use.
  • Please download the abstract template and follow the format carefully.
  • Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract.
  • Submit your abstract to
  • Please submit your full article in PDF format before March 25, 2021.
  • After submission, you will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via email within three working days.
  • The Article will be published in the Journal of African Media Communication (JAMC) under  the platform of Africa Media initiative