DW TV, Tigray TV, and OMN TV broadcast Hate Speech, Racism and Conflict Orin-ted News to destabilization the Amhara Region and the Ethnic of Amhara

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority has advised that commercial and government media engaged in inter-ethnic conflict should be shunned by the use of a single source of content and breach of reporting accuracy.

The authority has warned that in addition to supporting and educating these institutions, it will also take measures to close down the content analysis results.

When the mass media eat up their public past, forget the truth, and stand up for the government’s political interests instead of balanced journalism, preach hatred and disrespect to the public, castigate and criticize the power of public protest and demand, they use the language of revenge.

The official announced that some commercial and government media working under oath to rule under the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority’s Proclamation No. 533/1999 are engaged in a single source of content and disrupting media equality in order to incite conflict between peoples. The official noted that some of the private and state media were not doing their job properly.

The official said there are unconfirmed reports of hate and one-sided media that are based solely on hate speech and one-sided propaganda via public and private media.

Representative Director of Media Monitoring and Capacity Directorate of Ethiopia Broadcasting Authority, Abbey Mekonnen, has said that in recent times, public and commercial media have taken the place of patriotism instead of addressing problems as a country.

“The Authority has not only supported and supported these institutions, but has been conducting content analysis since July last year, and will take action until the end of the six-month analysis period,” said Aubrey.

“As of July last year, we are recording all 24 hours of broadcasting across the country, and will conduct a content analysis, subject to public review, and take legal action under the proclamation,” he said.

During this period, hatred is threatening the country, causing serious problems for Ethiopia’s independence, democracy and human rights. Citizens are urging the government to take its responsibility seriously, in response to this, and to guide the media through the proclamation of national peace and development.