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By Ayele Addis Ambelu

Corona Virus Disrupted JTV Ethiopia broadcasts and production operation
JTV Ethiopia has been in contention with the workers for the fact that Advertisement income was reduced due to the Corona epidemic a week ago, saying that the General manager notification the station can only pay half of the employees wage, and that the distribution has been abolished in the last 5 days.

The situation has changed every day, causing widespread disruptions within the private TV stations. JTV is fully dependent upon advertising, meaning that the case of COVID-19 negative impact of profitability decline the revenue of the station. The employees found out that
“The building has been closed this weekend,”The number of staffers were allowed to return to the Broadcast Center for Monday’s office hour. Without a full notice the station is closed.
The general manager of JTV Ethiopia asked employees to reduce their salary by half.
One of the employees said that “We are certainly sad to be close broadcasting here from Studio JTV.”
the other staff said. “But to higher the risk, we are working with 20 staff, with the majority of the organization working hardly. Just like so many people are now being asked to do.”