Dutch investors are heading to flower production in the Amhara region, Ethiopia

by Amhara Region media and art Association (Ayele Addis Ambelu)

Photo @ Embassy of the Netherlands in Ethiopia

The Dutch government announced that it would undertake activities that would benefit 10,000 residents in addition to investment.

The President of the State of Amhara his Excellency Temesgen Tirunehe has held talks with Dutch Ambassador to the Netherlands, Ben van Van Lzeredrecht, last night. According to the discussion, five Dutch investors are investing on 5,500 hectares of flora in the region.

President Temesgen Tiruneh of Amhara received ambassador Bengt van Loosdrecht tonight In Bahir Dar. Discussions around bilateral relations with Ethiopia, Dutch continued commitment to reforms in Ethiopia and on environmentally and socially sound investments in Kunzila.

In addition to the flower development in Kunzila, the Dutch government has also agreed with the regional government to build a school, gym and other facilities for the local community.

The ambassador will work in partnership with the Amhara State to enable residents to produce and benefit from the local water supply and to provide agricultural products to the industry, he added. He said the Netherlands will allocate 20 million euros to improve the lives of local communities in relation to the investment. It is said that about 10,000 residents will benefit.

Ambassador Negotiations with the community has been discussed with the community about the flower development, and the Dutch government supports the development of the local environment in the past.

President Temesgen Tiruneh said the government is working to ensure peace in the region to make investment a priority. The President called on the people to do their part to promote peace in all areas.