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African News Cahnnel Agency is the public run press agency of the African people public media . Africa News Cahnnel is the biggest and most influential media organization in African union, as well as the largest news agency in the world in terms of media affiliation all over African language broadcasters.[3] Africa News Cahnnel is a union-level institution subordinate to the African public media , and is the highest ranking public media organ in the continent alongside the African union.

Africa News Cahnnel links more than 153 African country local media and media education, human right advocacy groups and maintains main office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—one for each media stations, autonomous region and directly-administered municipality plus a military bureau. Africa News Cahnnel is the sole channel for the distribution of important news related to the Africa and its headquarters in Addis Ababa are strategically located within close proximity to African union, which houses the headquarters of the diplomats, ambassadors and missionary of the world in Ethiopia, the the Tana high leverl forum of Africa at Bahir Dar Ethiopia and the office of the President.

Africa News Cahnnel is a publisher as well as a news agency—it owns more than dozen newspapers and a dozen magazines, and it publishes in several languages, besides African local language, including English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean, also publishing in cyberspace.