Present in more than 170 countries, HWPL is an international NGO affiliated to the United Nations ECOSOC working for peace and the cessation of wars, not only for peace between states but also between individuals.

The Permanent Delegation of Mali to UNESCO organized a conference sponsored by HWPL, on the theme of the role of education in raising the awareness of States and civil society of the Sustainable Development Goals for the achievement of SDGs 4 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Quality Education.

Mali is fighting on several fronts for the restoration of lasting peace, whether it be on the military or educational level. Thus, this event has brought a message of hope for the Malian population and the Malian diaspora.

The conference brought together 26 delegations to UNESCO as well as 24 NGOs for the presentation of educational materials, a practical case of peace education proposed by HWPL and the results of the pilot program initiated in Africa. This program is currently deployed in 214 academies and implemented in 36 countries and has been adapted culturally and socially in each country to suit local needs and problems. This signals the beginning of building and implementing effective strategies for the implementation of education in Africa and hopefully around the world.

Wishing to share and value this education-focused initiative for the realization of SDG 4, we look forward to your support and collaboration in the media coverage of the event.

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