It’s worth recalling that in December 2016, the Commissioner for Human Resources Science and Technology, H.E. Dr Martial De Paul Ikounga signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretary-General of the Association of African Universities (AAU), Professor Etienne Ehouan Ehile.

AAU is the voice of higher education in Africa and has been a lead agency in implementing the continental vision since its founding under the OAU. The African Union Agenda 2063 calls for an education and skills revolution to meet the human resource needs for actualising Africa’s social-economic development. As such, the African university occupies a strategic role in ensuring that our education systems are oriented towards promoting innovation, critical thinking, pan Africanism and entrepreneurial orientations while addressing Africa’s challenges and optimising on its opportunities.

The partnership between the AUC and the AAU over the last decade has witnessed the strengthening of the African higher education space through the promotion of intra-African academic mobility, harmonisation of qualifications for mutual recognition across the Member States; and promotion of a culture of continuous quality improvement through the AU’s African Quality Rating Mechanism.

The AAU has been able to mobilise African academia to appropriate the continental vision of Agenda 2063, and it has helped to build accountable leadership and quality in research and scholarship
GOAL: To increase engagements between the AAU and North America and the Diaspora 

• Mobilize funds for the advancement of Higher Education in Africa. 
• Promote and develop relations between the African Academic Diaspora and African Higher Education Institutions (HEI). 
• Promote sister university collaborations
• Promote and develop research and education networks among African Higher Education Institutions and their North American counterparts
• Promote corporate and non-profit America to support African Higher Education Institutions
• Sensitize potential development partners to the education needs of African HEIs
• Promote student and staff exchange
• Promote a role for Higher Education in US-Africa relations
• Develop and implement comprehensive international Initiatives for senior leadership at public research universities to facilitate seamless integration of international dimensions into the learning, discovery and engagement missions of our AAU institutions. 
• Foster the development of globally competent students, internationally engaged faculty, and institutions capable of addressing global challenges.
• Identify critical issues, gather information, and create opportunities for AAU members to discuss challenges and share knowledge with their NA counterparts.
• Serve as the leading advocate for advancing the broad interests of the AAU in NA
• Support the development of innovative approaches and solutions to African Higher Education