African Media Representatives Training Program II (AFMEDII): Turkey-Africa media training program held in Virtual amid call for enhanced cooperation

Turkey-Africa media cooperation Training AFMEDII was held on Monday in virtual amid calls for robust exchanges to realize the benefits of the Media knowledge.

By Ayele Addis Ambelu(ANC) — The Turkey-Africa Media Cooperation Forum African Media Representatives Training Program II (AFMEDII) was held on Monday in virtual amid calls for robust exchanges to realize the benefits of the journalistic knowledge.The second Africa Media Representatives Training Program (AFMED), organized by Anadolu Agency, the national broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), will include a variety of topics.

Journalists, Senior government officials, representatives from media organizations and academies of Turkey and African countries participating in the days training program hosted by the YTB The Head of Cultural and Social Affairs Department, TRT Deputy Head of Education and Research Department in Turkey, Anadolu Agency News Academy, under the theme Turkey-Africa Media Cooperation in the Digital Era.Experienced journalists of Anadolu Agency and TRT, as well as academics, will participate in the eight-day AFMED II program to train African media representatives.

The organizers mentioned that the training program includes topics such as the fight against disinformation, basic photography applications, social-media follow-ups and news writing.

The program that the media could play an even more significant role in fostering an enabling environment for African and Turkey cooperation.

Training program for African journalists begins. Experts from Turkey’s AA, TRT to conduct workshops until May 31. AA’s News Academy Director @Bora_Bayraktar said recent developments in the media sector would be covered in the program.

The opportunity to strengthen cooperation in the media sector and enhance Turkey-Africa cooperation ties perfectly well in foreign relations political, media and economy diplomacy and thinking.

The participants said the Turkey-Africa media cooperation forum provided an opportunity to share knowledge and best practices that can promote journalistic practices alongside the creation of digital content that is able to transform livelihoods.

The first AFMED program, which was held in 2019 with the cooperation of Anadolu Agency and YTB, was attended by 20 African journalists from 13 countries.