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EE, DStv launch Amharic new channel for Ethiopian viewers


ADDIS ABABA– A South African satellite television company Multichoice announced that a new Amharic television channel, Zell Alem, was launched by India’s television, media and entertainment company, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, in partnership with DStv (Digital Satellite Television) yesterday for Ethiopian viewers.

In a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald, Multichoice stated that this is the first of its kind Bollywood novellas channel to be launched in Ethiopia.

Multichoice noted that dramatic and thrilling content will be available in Ethiopia from June 2020 with series such as: The Promise (Kalkidan), Lies of the Heart (Libawi Weshet), Married Again (Fiker Endegena), Ring of Fire (Yesat Kelebet) and much more.

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Zee has been present on the DStv platform for over 2 decades with its original Hindi language channel Zee tv. Over the last five- years Zee has launched  various  channels in Africa including its flagship  channel  Zee World in English, both channels are exclusive to DStv in Africa. Zee World was

Mukemil Bedru said that NBE’s measure would have a paramount importance in regulating the issuing and printing costs of money and easing transaction in such inflated economy.

Noting that the purchasing power or Ethiopia’s birr has been decreasing time to time compared with hard currencies, the

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expert stated that higher-denomination bank notes would significantly reduce the frequency of printing new money.

Mukemil, who is also the Deputy General Manger of the Hijra Bank  (under formation), further said that issuing higher-denomination banknotes would lessen the amount of money that

spanning over 46 channels in India and 40 international channels across 173 countries and entertaining more than 1.3 billion viewers globally. ZEE first ventured into

individuals hold on their hand thereby reducing local illicit money. The cash withdrawal limit that the government introduced recently is also a viable measure to regulate money circulation and ensure healthy transaction.

Noting that the circulation of higher- denomination banknotes would have a

Africa 24 years ago as the brand’s first international territory. Its widely acclaimed flagship channel ZEE TV has been present in Africa since 1996 on DStv.