Amhara ethnic is the pillar of Ethiopia. The northern landers and founders of the nation who was undermined for the last 75 years to stand with Ethiopia. They are protesting against the innocent

I give enormous credit to the hundreds of thousands of people who came out from their homes throughout the Amhara region for the 5th days to show their support in demanding justice, rule of law, freedom, equality, peace and meaningful reforms.

The rally was carried out with great discipline, respect, civility and basic good manners towards others. There was no bloodshed or destruction like some exclusive rally that lacks greater vision. From start to finish it was peaceful.

It makes these people a shining example and is evidence once again that they are not people of violence, but people who seek a better future for the country we all share and love.

Every generation has choices to be made. Today ethnic federalism or institutionalized tribalism and ethnic-based politics is threatening our existence as a once united people and proud country.

We all should be proud of how well the protesters presented themselves and in doing so, represented all Ethiopians.

The rally was historic in nature by being very peaceful and I want to give credit to the police and security forces for not interfering in the peaceful demonstration against injustice and institutionalized tribalism.

Though the security forces were present, they treated people with respect. No one was arrested or detained and no one was harmed, harassed or threatened to our knowledge. This is exemplary.

Congratulations to the people!

Long live Ethiopia!