Ayeleradio@gmail.com by Ayele Addis Ambelu

There is a call for all to support the national campaign to eradicate weeds from Lake Tana.

A one-month national campaign to eradicate weeds has been launched by the Ethiopian government. Residents of Mitirha Kebele, a suburb of Gondar, who participated in the initiative, said manpower is the main option. They mentioned that they have proved this in practice.

Residents also called on the Ethiopian people to support the efforts to eradicate the weed. They said infrastructure should be provided to eradicate the weeds from the lake and permanent plants should be planted around the lake.

According to Dr. Fenta, the Deputy Chief of the Amhara Regional State, tana is a symbol of history, culture, biology and all. He said it is not only a national but also a great asset to the world. “The lake, which is our archive, has long been infested with weeds and other weeds,” he said.

According to Dr. Fanta Mandefro, since the problem was first identified in 2012, the local community, regional government, various institutions, individuals, Ethiopians living abroad and people of Ethiopian descent as well as Ethiopian friends have participated.

They have done their best with knowledge, money, and energy to treat Tana; However, due to the lack of coordinated efforts to mobilize the country, no lasting solution has been found. Therefore, the regional government, in consultation with the federal government, has made the agenda national, he said.

He said the High Basin Council, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, is a priority. A five-year strategic plan has been drawn up to find a lasting solution; Experts from the state’s institutions, universities and the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy said work is underway to achieve the plan.

The first phase of the one-month plan movement is led by the Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Engineer Sileshi Bekele (Dr.) and senior officials of the region.

It is said that the campaign will be carried out with the participation of all regions, city administrations and private institutions.
He said the community is aware that the first step is to eradicate the weeds from Tana and its environs. “We need to continue to win,” he said.

Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Engineer Sileshe Bekele (Dr.) said weeds should be eradicated with a united front. He noted that despite the work done so far, weeds have not been able to control it.

He said the ongoing campaign, which involved a number of stakeholders, has set the direction for the regular meeting of the nile Basin Development Council to create a national movement.

He said the aim is to bring results to all regions and city administrations in the next 30 days. He said the experience will be extended to other water bodies in the country.

“Lake Tana is not only a reservoir of water, it has many landscapes,” said Dr. Sileshi. They point out that weeds are doubling in five years, invading 90 percent of the body of water.

According to the Minister, as weeds spread, the weed will change the ecology of water bodies. Reduces quality and quantity; Reduces oxygen in the water; Destroys biodiversity; Disrupts transportation. He called on the people to heed the call of the nation and support it.

lake tana endangered by Ayele Addis Ambelu