“27 Killed within two days demonstration, the wrong tweet of Jawar Mohammed ” observers.

In Oromia, Harar and Dire Dawa, the number of deaths reached 27 in connection with the two-day conflict.


The death toll has risen to at least 27, according to public information, which has been held since yesterday in connection with protests that took place in cities of Oromia and elsewhere in Oromia.

Ambo, Dire Dawa, and Dodola are among the places where people have died during protests today.


In addition to the three people killed in Ambo yesterday, two people were killed today. Residents said 80-year-old Moroda Mosa was among those killed in the shooting.

City residents told ANC that they had been shot by security forces in a search operation for their son.

In addition to the two people killed in Ambo today, several others were shot.

Ambo Hospital Medical Director Mr Debebe said: “Today 14 people have been shot and came with us. Two of them have died. 9 people are asleep and the rest have been returned to their homes for light treatment.”

Debebe said that all those who came to the hospital were men and that they were aged 17-80.

In Ambo yesterday 3, today 2 the total number of deaths reached 5.

East Hararge

We have heard that the number of dead has reached 6 in the two days in East Hararge.

Communication expert in the zone, Ayele Deresa, told the BBC the protests were almost complete in the towns of East Hararge.

Abele said that five people were killed yesterday in a dispute that turned the Guru Gutu into an ethnic group. “An investor felt threatened by security and shot two people. Then in retaliation, the person and two family members were killed,” he explains.

Amhara city mayor Jaffar Muhammad told the BBC that a young man was killed by a gunshot wound to the army.


A total of 6 people have been killed in yesterday’s clashes in the western Arsi district of Dodola.

According to Tola Beyo, the hospital’s medical director, four people died in today’s conflict.

Two people were killed yesterday.

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The medical director, who claims to have been in the area since morning, says the parade has changed in the afternoon.

The situation was alarming, he said.


In Harar, we heard from residents that 3 people were killed yesterday.

Dire Dawa

In Dire Dawa, 1 person was killed yesterday and 4 people were killed today.

Dr. Abdurrahman Abubaker, medical director of Victory Shore Hospital, told the BBC that seven people had been injured and had come to their hospital.

Four of the people who came to the hospital said they had died, and Dr. Abdurrahman indicated that the men came to the hospital with “bullets and other things.”


Demonstrations took place in the city of Adama yesterday. The demonstrations changed their behavior, and clashes broke out between people on two sides.

A dispute broke out between youth and those who opposed them.

The head of Adama’s city bureau, Rwanda Hussein, told for  BBC Amharic that a security guard shot and killed two people and burned 15 cars in the factory compound.

On Thursday, the second day of the clashes, more than 20 shops in Adama town were reported to have been set on fire by protesters.

According to confirmed information by contacting residents, hospital sources, and government bodies in the area of ​​the conflict, some have expressed concern that the ANC may have killed 27 people in two days, but the number could be even higher.