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Morethan 40,000 migrants return home since COVID-19 out break

1484 Ethiopian refugees from differnt part of the world: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 1484 Ethiopian refugees from differnt countries will be repatriated next week.

Ethiopians living in the Middle East, especially in the Middle East, are said to be at risk.

“The Ethiopian government is working to repatriate its citizens,” said Consular Affairs Director General Tesfros Haileu told ANC.

He said efforts are underway to facilitate the repatriation of Ethiopian refugees with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs.

This week and next week, Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are in talks with the governments of the country, he said.

He said 473 citizens who were detained in Saudi Arabia’s “Design” prison will be brought home next week.

He also said that 11,000 citizens would be sent to Kuwait by the coming week.

The director said that the detainees were in detention centers and shelters, adding that the refugees are in desperate need of help.

He said the government will continue to work with the citizens to bring them back to their country with the necessary support.

It is to be recalled that 656 Ethiopians living in Beirut in Lebanon last week were repatriated at full cost.