The wind of Turkey in lands and people of Africa blown in peace, education, investment and economic alliances. The African demand on economic diplomacy with Turkey raise with African future. so, Africa seeks its future in Turkey: Ayele addis @ayele-addis revise political relation edition Africa and Turkey media review.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is embarking on a four-day tour of Angola, Togo and Nigeria on Sunday (October 17th). Economic relations between Turkey and Africa are expected to be further strengthened with visits to Togo, one of Africa’s largest economies, along with Nigeria and Angola, among other countries with high potential.

Africa seeks its future in Turkey
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdoganto be Africa the tour begins on Sunday, October 17th. Covering Angola, Nigeria and Togo, Turkey-Assessed to strengthen relations between Africa visitonce again raised the continent’s interest in Turkey. Africa, where Turkey has made significant investments in all areas from economy to education, is looking for its future in Turkey. Thousands of Africans apply to study in Turkey every year, according to the Turkish And Related Communities Abroad Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. More than 314,000 students from 54 African countries have applied for education in the last 10 years with Turkey Scholarships. Thousands of African students are studying at our country’s universities with their own facilities in our country, where 13,982 students are awarded scholarships. Currently, 4,403 African students continue their undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies at universities in our country. There are 8,786 Turkish graduates from 51 African countries.

The Presidency of Turks and Related Communities Abroad (OHR) carries out dozens of studies every year to restore intensive and warm relations with our brother and relative communities, where we live under the same roof at certain periods of history. YTB continues these studies with a human-oriented approach and implements dozens of projects for the development of African countries.

OHR; Turkey Scholarships, Turkish Graduates, Academic and Scientific Cooperation Programs, Educational Support Programs, Media Education Programs and Cultural Mobility Programs are working to raise generations that will produce solutions to human resources and problems that will help african countries develop. President Erdogan has visited 28 different African countries, some more than one, and is embarking on a four-day tour of Angola, Togo and Nigeria on Sunday. Since its inception, the OHR has carried out activities in these three countries and supported them.Lucy Liu Never Got Married, and Now You Know WhyDailyforestFinding a Job in the USA from Ethiopia Might be Easier Than You ThinkJob in the USA | Search Ads  by Taboola 


In 2021, 342 students from Angola applied to the OHR’s Turkey Scholarships program. As a result of the evaluations, 8 students were awarded scholarships. Since 2012, when Angolan students started to receive scholarships from our country, a total of 38 Angolan students have been given the chance to receive higher education in our country with scholarships. Since 2012, 3 students have graduated. Currently, 19 Angolan students continue their education on scholarships. According to 2019-2020 YÖK statistics, the number of Angolan students studying with their own means is 27.

In addition, an episode has been devoted to Angola in the book “Muslim Minorities in Today’s Africa”, published in 2019 with the support of the OHR, which provides historical and up-to-date information on the situations of Muslim minority groups living in 29 African countries.


YTB carried out the African Media Representatives Training Program (AFMED) for African media representatives working in media organizations in the region in cooperation with Anadolu Agency to improve media cooperation between Turkey and Africa. In 2019, 20 media representatives from 13 different African countries participated in the first AFMED program, which included 2 media representatives from Nigeria. In cooperation with TRT and AA, 3 media representatives from Nigeria were present in the second program held between 24-31 May 2021.

Since 2012, Nigerian candidates have shown great interest in the Turkey Scholarships program, which has been launched under the auspices of the OHR. Since 2012, a total of 16,720 applications have been submitted from Nigeria for Turkish Scholarships. Between 2012 and 2021, a total of 337 people from Nigeria were awarded scholarships. Currently continuing to study in our country; There are 125 Nigerian students with a total of 125 Turkish Scholarships, including 59 undergraduates, 36 master’s and 30 PhD students. According to 2019-2020 YÖK data, there are currently 2,208 Nigerian students studying in our country with their own facilities.

While the number of Nigerians graduating from the Turkey Scholarships program is 142, this number increases to 1,197 when those who graduate with their own means are included. YTB, which does not leave the graduating students alone, also supports the alumni associations established. 2 people from The Nigerian Turkish Alumni Association participated in the Turkish Graduates Capacity Building Training Program, which was organized by YTB in our country between 4-8 November 2019.


When we look at the number of Togo students studying in Turkey, 367 candidates from Togo applied to the Turkey Scholarships program in 2021 and 3 candidates were eligible for scholarships. Since 2005, when Togo students started to receive scholarships from our country, a total of 95 Togo students have been given the chance to receive higher education in our country. When looking at togo graduate statistics, a total of 30 Togo students have graduated since 2005. Currently, 34 students continue their education in our country on scholarships. Students graduating from universities in our country contribute to the development of their countries in important tasks from education to health, academy to business life in Togo.


When looking at the whole of African countries, a total of 314,191 applications have been received from 54 African countries so far within the scope of turkey scholarships program. As a result of the evaluations, 13,982 students were awarded scholarships. Currently, 4,403 African students continue their undergraduate, master’s and doctoral education at universities in our country.


YTB, which keeps in touch with graduates who return to their countries after completing their education in Turkey, carries out country-based, sectoral and regional graduate meetings under the headings of studies for Turkish graduates. YTB in recent years; Turkey’s graduates and Turkish businessmen working in different fields, including software, health, logistics and foreign trade, energy and mining, brought together.


Graduate associations are being carried out in order for Turkish graduates to maintain communication between themselves and to maintain their relations with Turkey. For this purpose, 29 alumni associations were established in 28 countries. Of these, 11 associations are located in 10 African countries.

In 2020, ‘Alumni Network Development Support Program’ (MAG) and ‘Corporate Visibility and Communication Support Program’ (KGI) were launched with the aim of increasing the institutional capacities and visibility of Turkish Alumni Associations. In addition, it is aimed to carry out a ‘Civil Society Capacity Building Program’ for Turkish Alumni Associations by YTB every year. Representatives from all Turkish Alumni Associations in African countries participated in the program, the first of which was held in Ankara in 2019.


Within the scope of Public Diplomacy Studies with Turkish Graduates, “economic outlook meetings” were held where the outlook of the global economy after COVID-19 was evaluated with business people who graduated from Turkey. Report studies have been initiated to analyze the contributions of business people with Turkish degrees to trade between their countries and Turkey. In addition, awards were presented to successful Turkish graduates.

Within the scope of academic and scientific research programs organized by the OHR for African countries, thought organizations meetings were organized to ensure intellectual cooperation and to create a common agenda on regional issues. Workshops and conferences were also held to contribute to the development of academic backgrounds of African students.


Within the scope of the training supports provided by the OHR; Vocational trainings were given to entrepreneur groups from Ghana, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Niger, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon and Chad. In addition, Turkish course projects and capacity building programs were presented.


Turkish language training for public officials, diplomats, journalists, bureaucrats, soldiers and academics and experience sharing seminars were given in various public institutions within the scope of the KATIP scholarship program within the framework of cultural mobility programs offered to African countries. In addition, in terms of young people’s problems and expectations; youth social assemblies, ideas workshops were held. Itineraries were organized to see the common historical and cultural heritage in place.