Dear Customers,

In our 73 years of successful services, we have always put the safety and security of our customers, employees and all our stakeholders at the top of our priority.
This safety and security first culture has become more important to us now than ever before with the COVID-19 global pandemic which has spread in more than 123 countries.

Accordingly, we would like to share the insights of what we do inside and around the cabin of the aircraft and all areas of customer contacts.

Although cabin hygiene and cleanliness is our usual standards that we maintain at all times, we have increased our activities in these areas since the spread of the COVID-19.
Our aircraft cabin are always thoroughly cleaned and scientifically disinfected with approved chemicals and disinfectants. These cleaning and disinfection are designed to the highest standards in our world today. These include, but not limited to areas of the cabin with customers personal space like, tray tables, seat armrests, headrests, seat belts, seat pockets, galleys, carpets, toilets, side walls, baggage bins etc..

The air in the cabin is continuously and automatically refreshed with clean air. Our hospital-grade HEPA filters are 99.97% effective in preventing the spread of airborne organisms like COVID-19.

Our crew are well trained and equipped to handle passengers that may show symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.

Our hygiene and cleanliness culture applies to all areas of our airline operation especially our Inflight Catering. We use fresh and organic ingredients for our inflight meals; and our in-flight catering organization operates in full compliance to HACCP (international food hygiene and safety regulatory requirements).

At our main hub, Addis Ababa Airport, we are conducting global standard thermal screening for all arrival, transit and departing passengers in coordination with Ministry of Health and WHO representatives. All our ground services staff are properly trained to protect our customers, themselves and their colleagues from the COVID-19.

Given the fast spread of the COVID-19, we understand the hesitation of some people in making the decision to book their flights. But we would like to assure you that Ethiopian Airlines is taking all possible prevention measures to protect your health, that of our colleagues and all of our stakeholders. We assure you that we are guided by fact based and regulatory guidelines like the WHO, ICAO and various countries CDC’s including our own national Health Ministry procedures.

As one of the oldest airlines in the world, we have developed the skill, knowledge and experience to manage similar challenges in the past and we are applying those skills. In all what we do, we always put you, our valued customers at the center of our operation.

Thank You