“In the last two years, 20 churches have been completely destroyed.”
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Patriarch Abune Mathias
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, under the Sunday School Organizing Department, told the BBC that more than 600 million Birr will be needed to rehabilitate those who have been victimized for their faith in different places in the past two years alone.

What was the attack in the area that was damaged and was able to move? What harm did the believers suffer? What it does is the extent to which it can be set up, said the Secretary-General

In the last two years, the Secretary added that there have been more than 20 churches that have been burned and destroyed in various parts of the country in the past two years, and that fewer than ten have been affected.

In addition to the churches, the church’s general secretary, who said the church suffered various damage, said that besides the dead, their property had been completely destroyed, injured, displaced.

According to Woubshet, 417 people were killed in the service and 417 others were assisted in various ways.

Woubshet added that it would cost 400 million birr to restore the property alone, adding that 200 million will be used for medical and psychological support.

The Secretary-General noted that the injured churches are recovering with the support of the parishioners, but that the victims have been left without a reminder.

Woubshet told that on March 27 that the fundraising program was set up in Addis Ababa on March 27.

At least 30,000 members of the Faith are expected to attend the program, and those living abroad can log in directly to the association’s website daily, he said.

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In a letter from the General Temple, the Saints announced that the Addis Ababa city government had requested permission from the City of Addis Ababa.

Woubshet denounces attacks on different religious institutions on different occasions, but denies that attacks on her church have received little attention.

Ato Wubshet added that the same fundraising program is underway in various Ethiopian cities.

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