The current Ethiopian President and Former young Sahlework Zewde is admired by the governments of the world, for she is the most wise, talented, calm, humble, disciplined and wonderful president.
Veteran Ambassador who is proving that she is a proud, grateful, determined daughter of Ethiopia. Ambassador Sahlework Zewde was a former diplomat, the mediator, and current President of Ethiopia.

Our President participated in a forum organized by Women Political Leaders in collaboration with the Vice Secretary General of the United Nations. She said the key to bringing women into leadership positions is to train women in leadership skills, provide leadership and counseling support to others, develop a culture of mutual support and collaboration, and believe that women can work from the opportunity.

Our president is working on our education system. The meeting, chaired by President Sahle Wark Zewde and with two months to complete the report, was held to discuss the future of the global education system. The report is expected to be submitted to the UNESCO General Assembly in November 2021.

Respectful, attentive, persuasive, and fluent in French are important for French-speaking African countries and the international community, both in the region and in the international arena.

Success, honor and appointment do not come by chance, but by many years of work experience, tedious work from place to place, a lot of reading life without wasting time, everyone will see the reality of our President Sahlework Zewde. The mistress never wasted time and still not!

Named the “Seasoned Diplomat,” our ambassador, President Sahlework Zewde, gave advice to contemporary diplomats on the diplomatic experience shd has gained over the years.

Our President is not only focusing on the role of head of state, but also on behalf of her country, Ethiopia. Her Excellency the President is on a death row diplomatic mission on the #Abbay issue.

The president is persuading the leaders of the continent by traveling from one African country to another. Regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD), the Ethio-Sudan border and the reality of Tigray, our President is diligently pursuing the foreign affairs of our country, Ethiopia.

She is serving Ethiopia, which they have held in their hearts for centuries, with rich experience, deep patriotism, heavy responsibility and a seat.

Honorable President, Ambassador Sahlework Zewde, we thank you for your indebtedness to Ethiopia !!!

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