Guzo Adwa commemorates valorous forefathers

Photo by Yared Shumete

The victory of Adwa is one of the glues that kept Ethiopians’ unity intact. Of all historic places across the globe, Adwa stands out as a beacon of freedom, justice and equality.

Following the announcement that Italy had invaded Ethiopia, men and women, from all corners of the country, crossing Rocky Mountains trekked for two months to Adwa to defeat the superior Italian army on 2 March 1896. It was by way of commemorating the sacrifices our heroes made to pass down this sovereign country to their children, Guzo Adwa or “Journey to Adwa” had been started six years back.

Now, the seventh round trip is underway. The Guzo Adiwa members have started their journey from Addis. The journey is expected to cover about 1000 kilometers walk.

Travelers on their way are receiving warm welcomes by farmers and urban dwellers and government officials.

While taking breaks, the marchers also delve into historical books to know more about their forefathers.

The campaign serves a reason for observers to allude to the battle of Adwa, admire both patriots and Guzo Adwa member heroes.

The Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition 2 February 2020

 BY GENET FEKADE from Ethiopian News Agency

Editor; Ayele Addis Ambelu